What’s In an In-game Name?

Image Credit: inanothercastleblog.com
Image Credit: inanothercastleblog.com

While thinking about what I want to discuss for today’s blog, I just had the spur of the moment question:

What is in an In-game name?

For some reason, the question popped-out of my brain like it was a matter of life and death question.

What is in an in-game name?

What are the possible reasons for a player to choose an in-game name? Is there value to an in-game name like the value of someone’s real, given name?

As these questions pour through my brain like a heavy rainfall leading to  catastrophic flood, I decided to answer the questions by reflecting on why I chose my in-game name.

Well, I won’t tell you what my in-game name is, as it will defy the purpose as to why this blog is “anonymous” but I will tell you how I came up with the name.

While playing a game, I wanted it to represent something very far from who I am. It is so far and disconnected from my real life that its near random.

Why did I want it to be so random-looking and far from me?

Well, it is mainly because I want my gaming life to stay as far away as possible from my real life.

Image Credit: theonering.net
Image Credit: theonering.net

One big reason why I play games is because I want to have many realities. If I create different realities in games but make it similar to what I have, how can I separate my realities from my virtual lives?

Gaming gives a new whole story line to my real life. In my real life, I work, earn, spend, sleep, go out, talk with friends. These things, I could also do online, though the rewards are different.

I want to live another character when I play a game, hence, I make sure that I create one that I know I could not dare portray in real life. My quite and reserved real life comes to a different level of confidence when I play another in-game character.

Now that I have come to understand my own purpose and reasons for choosing my in-game name, I still wonder if the case is the same for all other players out there.

I know there are some players who are so carefree about life that they even put their real names as their in game names. To some extent, this is a very bold gesture, but for some, this could also mean that they lack so much zing in their real lives that they want their in game characters to compensate that.

Some are also going through a tough time when starting to engage in a game. I know of one person who is a divorce lawyer who was undergoing a divorce himself. It was a really ironic moment for him. Him, handling divorces, end up having a divorce himself? It was a not so funny pun, indeed. It was such a devasting point in his life that he turned to playing video games as his way out of the misery.

He named his character “Mr.PerfectlyRight” to feel that he was the perfect man for anybody, and to make himself feel better, despite his failed marriage.

If you care to share, you can comment your reasons for choosing your in-game name. I hope we can come up with lots things to talk about in our next topics, too.

Also, if you are someone like Mr.PerfectlyRight, going through a tough divorce period, he’d like for you to check this site and see if you can guess him from the lawyers listed there. If you guess right, he might help you through your divorce, for free. After all, we should leave no man behind, right?



Evolution of Gaming

Image Credit: usstreaming.tv
Image Credit: usstreaming.tv

Games were made for a reason, and that reason is to be played. Like toys, they serve their purpose when they are used to stimulate the brain or simply give it a break. This has always been like this until the dawn of streaming.

Nobody likes being player number two because you spend more time watching the other player play the whole game especially when they are highly skilled at it, but who would have thought that this pyramid of player-watcher inequality would be turned upside just because of one simple innovation.

Streaming is where people showcase their talent or just simply show other people how they play games and apparently this is now a global trend and even acknowledged as profession by some. A profession where the “player twos”, the audience, enjoy themselves by just watching the “player one”, the streamer, play the whole game by himself.

Games have evolved to a level where people don’t even mind if they are the ones playing it or not. Watchers even adapted to this level in which the analyses they make towards a game plan done by the players are regarded as alternatives rather than frustrated critiques that you often see in competitive plays. Like when someone makes a wrong move in chess, that feeling of frustration you get is no longer acceptable because as a watcher, you adapt your analysis on how the player develops the choice and see how it will affect his future actions and motives.

Gaming has reached the point where games are considered something professionals do not just do for leisure but as a living. This is where decisions matter and no move is a wrong one. This is why people tend to enjoy watching streamers play games whole day or every week, not because they love watching but because they are hoping for something new and exciting that these players bring are capable of doing. Showing possibilities no one has ever accomplished nor tried, somehow making what seems impossible possible because the gamer’s world is a world full of possibilities waiting to be uncovered and those who venture it are rewarded greatly.

Nobody ever thought that Mario could save the Princess but somebody did it then, nor did anybody thought that that little t-shaped Tetris piece could spin its way to do an impressive combo but somebody did it. Kind of just like how people started taking a video of themselves playing the games they love playing and getting other people to like it and now many people became famous thanks to this idea. Even the highest paid Youtube partner is a game streamer named Pewdiepie that has raised money for charities just by showing people a video of himself playing games.

Gaming then and now show two opposite poles yet the very essence of it has never left, to make people happy and enjoy themselves while bringing everyone together.

Classical Toys that Promote Health and Wellness

Image Credit: pinterest.com

During the old times, toys for children were very simple. A rock, a leaf, or basically anything they naturally have around them that they could use to play pretend or tag or use as a ball. Today, however, toys have become very sophisticated and advanced, thanks to Science and Technology.

Due to the almost excessive fascination for online games and state-of-the-art gaming consoles, gaming or playing has been associated to having bad health. This is because players tend to spend most of their free-time, sitting and staring at the screen. Unlike the old times, when playing meant sweating it off under the heat of the sun.

The discussion on the health risks and benefits of healthy gaming could be tackled in another blog entry. Right now, I just want to share some tips on how to become a healthier player, and to give tribute to the classic toys of our generation. Because, despite all these cool gadgets and state-of-the art games and toys, it will still be fun to use toys that are simple, yet children of all ages, and even adults, are able to enjoy. In addition, these toys are those that promote fun, as well health and wellness.

First in line is the very famous hula-hoop. This toy is an all-time favorite of kids who wish to show off or test their body coordination. Hula-hoops are in different colors that make it more fun to have and it can be played with music. Most of the people who play with hula-hoops are those that have a strong inclination to dancing since it promotes flexibility and body coordination. Hula-hoops are not only considered as toys these days but also an exercise tool, with the belief that in can aid in giving your body a slender curve in the waist.

Next is a kid’s classic – skipping rope or jumping rope. This game can be played alone or in groups. Basically, it involves jumping up when the rope is sent beneath the player. The game ends when the jumper is hit by the rope or when they fail to perform a routine perfectly. Jumping ropes are also highly associated with boxers who use it as an exercise for speed and body coordination.

Basketball, football, soccer ball, and all types of balls, are toys that very much promote physical activities and are team sports as well so they also exercise camaraderie and team spirit, balls may be associated to sports but in essence they are still toys because even young children have them for fun and play.

All these toys are classic toys that may not be as high-tech as the new toys that are out in the market, yet these are toys that every child should experience because of the fun they can give the children even in its simplicity. These toys are also a good way to educate your children to value the body and help them stay fit and active.

Combining, fun, games and exercise will surely give you  a healthier outlook in life.

Taking Care of your Gaming Consoles and Computers

Image Credit: forbes.com
Image Credit: forbes.com

Gaming consoles and computers are not cheap. For some, it’s something that they have to actually effort upon by saving up and lining up long queues just so they can say that they own the latest in computer gadgets or gaming consoles. Because of this, it is necessary to always make sure that your computers or gaming consoles and other gadgets are well secured and protected from harmful viruses and other threats.

Protecting your gaming equipment is not only necessary because of the price of the products, but because if you are a true gamer, you would know that once a virus is able to penetrate your gaming system, you will have to reboot your gadget and that will mean losing all your progress. Your days or months of devoting your extra time into the game will be lost and as a result, you would be frustrated and sad.

Another reason to protect your gaming gadgets is that parts of these gadgets are not that easy to come by. You have to go to extreme lengths to find the parts of the console or computer, especially if you had its shipped from abroad. also, worst possible scenario, once your equipment is damaged, there is no way of reviving it and you either have to buy a new one (which means spending expensively again) or you just forget about playing ever again.

Taking care of your gaming equipment is very much like taking care of your body. Treat it as the only one you have, as the only thing you will ever get, and you will be sure to take extra efforts to ensure no harm is to come to your gaming consoles and computers. You should also give it the best protection there is, no matter the price. After all, buying the protection will be way cheaper than buying another set of the console again and again.

Look out for the best protection for you computers and consoles. Buy it the best anti-virus software, or provide it with casings and hardware protection that can prevent any other form of physical harm on your gadgets.

Gaming may be for leisure, but it is also a sense of lifestyle. If you are willing to give your all for your gaming equipment, then it only means you are a person who gives everything else in life, 100% of your dedication and protection. Hence, make sure that you do not waste more money buy neglecting to care for your gaming tools.